Certification management committee (CMC)

The certification management committee (CMC) is responsible for the operation of the IECEE. It is a Committee of the IEC which functions under the authority of the Conformity Assessment Board (CAB).

The CMC, through the work of its different Member bodies, decides on and/or endorses issues pertaining to: membership, finances, appointments, rules and procedures for the operation of the schemes, IECEE management and promotion. It provides a report on its activities, at least annually, to the CAB and submits proposals for CAB approval with regard to the above-mentioned points.

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Policy and strategy committee (PSC)

Policy and strategy committee (PSC), identifies market needs and proposes solutions, such as new programmes or services; proposes mechanisms to ensure IECEE Conformity Assessment solutions are recognized as the basis for certification and acceptance in regulated markets worldwide in a timely way.

Board of appeals (BoA)

Board of appeals (BoA), recommends solutions to any disputes referred to it regarding the application of basic rules, and actions to be taken against the infringing bodies.

Committee of testing laboratories (CTL)

Committee of testing laboratories (CTL), aims to achieve reproducibility of test results and to promote a close collaboration between testing laboratories. It can establish Working Groups with specific assignments or expert task forces to advise on matters related to the specific product categories

Peer assessment committee (PAC)

Peer assessment committee (PAC), monitors the Peer Assessment Programme, determines a common understanding of ISO/IEC 17065 and ISO/IEC 17025, clarifies matters pertaining to Certification issues, advises on the Assessment Reports of candidate National Certification Bodies and CB Testing Laboratories and make recommendations to the CMC; supports and contributes as lecturers at the IECEE Lead and Technical Assessor training courses.

Working groups (WGs) and task forces (TFs)

The working groups (WGs) and task forces (TFs) are established by the CMC to advise it on matters related to the management of the IECEE or to enhance its efficient operation. Their work is overseen by the Executive Secretary of the IECEE.