IECEE Members


Member Bodies (MBs)

The Member Bodies (MBs) are representatives of the national electrotechnology communities. There is only one MB per country. They comprise a wide representation from industry, electrical regulatory authorities and standards bodies as well as conformity assessment interests.


National Certification Bodies (NCBs)

The National Certification Bodies (NCBs) operate national certification or approval scheme(s) for electrotechnical equipment and components in countries that have a Member Body of the IECEE. They issue the CB Test Certificates.


CB Testing Laboratories (CBTLs)

The CB Testing Laboratories (CBTLs) perform the test programmes and issue Test Reports (TRs) for IEC International Standards. CB Test Certificates are based on TRs.


Specialized Testing Laboratories (SPTLs)

The Specialized Testing Laboratories (SPTLs) have a limited testing capability and carry out only specific and/or selected tests from a complete test programme required to issue a TR.


Customers' Testing Facilities (CTFs)

The Customers' Testing Facilities (CTFs) are owned by manufacturers and participate in the IECEE System.


Local Technical Representatives (LTRs)

The Local Technical Representatives (LTRs) are individuals, operating under the responsibility of NCBs, who carry out testing and/or supervisory activities locally at a CTF.







More information is available in the IECEE Particular Rules of Procedure: IECEE 02-2, IECEE Membership Member Bodies (MBs) National Certification Bodies (NCBs) CB Testing Laboratories (CBTsL) Local Technical Representatives (LTRs) Associated CB Testing Laboratories (ACTLs) Customers' Testing Facilities (CTFs)