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Acceptance date 2021-05-17

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United States of America

LEGEND: Scope Limitations
  • RA : Audio amplifiers with audio power > 0,5 Watts excluded
  • RC : Apparatus with connection(s) to a cable distribution system excluded
  • RSH : Shredders excluded
  • RT : Apparatus with connection(s) to a telecommunication network excluded
  • RV : CRT (cathode ray tubes)/ picture tubes, plasma/LCD or other video apparatus excluded
  • ROUT : Equipment intended for installation outdoors excluded
  • RWPT : Wireless power transmitter excluded




Acceptance Date

Responsible National Certification Body


IEC 62368-1 All Clauses, except: - Vicat Test5. - Ball Pressure Test5. - Transient voltage Test5. - Mandel Test5. - Impulse Test5. – Impulse Test8. – Endurance Test for movable cables8. – Media destructive device test8.5.5.2 – High pressure lamps test8.9 - Wheels or casters test9.6 – Wireless power transmitter test10 – Radiation testsB.4.5 - Short-circuit and interruption of electrodes in tubes and semiconductorsAnnex C – UV RadiationAnnex D – Impulse TestAnnex E – Audio AmplifiersG.1 – switchesG.2 – RelaysG.3 - Protective devicesG.5.1 - Wire insulation in wound componentsG.5.2 - Endurance testG.5.3 - TransformersG.7.5 - Non-detachable cord bend protectionG.8 - VaristorsG.9 - Integrated circuit (IC) current limitersG.10 - ResistorsG.11 - Capacitors and RC unitsG.12 - OptocouplersG.13 - Printed boardsG.14 - Coatings on component terminalsG.15 - Pressurized liquid filled componentsG.16 - IC that includes a capacitor discharge functionAnnex H – Telephone ringing testsAnnex J - Insulated winding wires for use without interleaved insulationAnnex K - Safety interlocksAnnex L - Disconnect devicesAnnex M - Batteries and their protection circuitsAnnex O - Measurement of creepage distances and clearancesAnnex P - Safeguards against conductive objectsAnnex Q - Circuits intended for interconnection with building wiringAnnex R - Limited short-circuit testAnnex S - Tests for resistance to heat and fireT.11 - Test for telescoping or rod antennasV.1.4 - Test method 3 – Plugs, jacks, connectorsV.1.5 - Test method 4 – Slot openingsV.1.6 - Test method 5 – Terminals intended to be used by an ordinary personAnnex U - Mechanical strength of CRTs and protection against the effects of implosionAnnex Y - outdoor enclosures






All clauses except: to energized parts2.1.1.9 (and 4.5.1)-Audio Amplifiers2.3.1-Limits of TNV circuits2.3.4-Connection of TNV circuits to other circuits2.10-Creepage distance/clearance/distance through insulation (determination of requirements; working voltage measurements) of transient levels2.10.4-Creepage distances2.10.5.4-Partial Discharge Test (on semiconductors)2.10.9 & 2.10.10 & 2.10.11 (and cycling and thermal ageing2.10.8.4-Abrasion resistance test2.10.7-Enclosed and sealed parts3.2.5.1-AC Power Supply Cords3.2.8-Cord guards4.2.8-Cathode ray tube4.3.6-Direct plug-in equipment4.3.12-Flammable liquids4.3.13.2-Ionizing radiation 4.3.13..3-Effect of UV radiation on materials4.3.13.4-Human exposure to UV radiation4. (including laser diodes) emitting diodes (LEDs)4.5.5-Resistance to abnormal heat4.6.2-Bottoms of fire enclosure4.6.4.2-Evaluation of larger openings4.6.5-Adhesives for constructional purposes4.7.3-Materials, Tests see Annex A4.7.3.6-Materials used in high-voltage components6.2.1-Separation requirements6.2.2.1-Impulse Test7.4.2-Voltage surge test7.4.3-Impulse testAnnex U-Insulating winding wiresAnnex Q-Component flammabilityAnnex AA-Mandrel test Annex CC-Evaluation of integrated circuit (IC) current limitersAnnex DD-Requirements for the mounting means of rack-mounted equipmentAnnex EE-Household and home/office document/media shredders