Written information on our procedures and rules is available on request.

Applicant submitting a CB Test Certificate can be:

Foreign manufacturer via representative resident in the country or in a European Union country.

The following documents should be submitted.:

Application form (available on request)
Application letter giving name and address
CB Test Certificate
CB Test Report
Identity Declaration
Product data sheet (available on request)

We always require a specimen of the product when a CB Test Certificate is presented for national recognition.

We are prepared to recognize annex to the CB Test Certificate and Test Report covering our national deviations.

List of fees is available on request. Short description of the system and payment conditions are available on request.

Pre-license inspection is required.

Follow up factory inspection is required.

Samples for follow up testing are taken.

The license in general is valid for 5 years.

Appeal in writing against decisions of the NCB shall be directed to AENOR.

Our mark covers the following in excess of the IEC or CEE safety standard:
Performance in some cases (refrigerators, washing machines, food freezers, dishwashers).

Other useful information: The applicant should contact AENOR before sending a specimen.