The high standard of SGS Fimko’s testing and certification services comes from decades of international experience. We provide manufacturers and importers of electrical equipment and accessories with services that are:

- fast and reliable
- in accordance with international standards
- competitive in delivery terms

SGS Fimko is one of the leading testing and certification companies in Europe in the electrical, gas appliance and machinery field

SGS Fimko tests products such as household appliances, electrical equipment and accessories for the installation and distribution of electricity, heating equipment, appliances for commercial kitchens, consumer electronics products, light fittings and accessories, protective devices, business and office equipment, telecommunication equipment, alarm systems, industrial equipment, machinery, laboratory equipment, vehicle electronics, boilers and gas appliances.


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Our services in addition to CB safety and CB EMC testing and certification are:

  1. the well-known FI mark, SGS GS and SGS FI mark as well as North American certifications
  2. RoHS, REACH etc. green testing services, photometric testing
    - the Fimko SGS EMC mark
    - Nordic Certification Service for the Nordic countries
    - Certification for Brazil (UCIEE) and Argentine (IRAM)
    - CCA (Cenelec Certification Agreement) certificates which are recognized in the EU countries, Norway, Switzerland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Iceland
    - European wide ENEC mark for luminaires and their accessories, transformers, IT equipment etc.
    - applications for other certification marks
    - assessment and certification of quality (ISO 9000) and environmental systems (ISO 14000) as well as occupational health and safety management systems (OHSAS 18001)
    - single food audit (ISO 22000)
    - second party audits
    - a Notified Body for the Low Voltage Directive, Machinery Directive and Gas Appliance Directive as well as a Competent Body for the EMC Directive
    - e and E-marking service for electrical automotive components
    - EMC and performance testing
    - technical advice about different standards, directives and requirements
    - product review
    - factory inspection according to European and US requirements

CB tests are carried out worldwide in our highly qualified CB laboratories which are located in Europe and Asia.

SGS Fimko offers you a fast track to the markets of Europe and elsewhere, and provides confirmation that your product meets the appropriate standards.

SGS Fimko has accreditations for testing (FINAS T004, EN/ISO/IEC 17025), product certification (FINAS S003, EN 45011, ISO Guide 65), quality system certification (FINAS S009, EN 45012, ISO/IEC Guide 62)), environmental management system certification (FINAS S019, ISO/IEC Guide 66:1999) and calibration (FINAS K001, EN ISO/IEC Guide 17025).

140 countries, turnover € 1.7 billions

SGS Fimko is a member of the SGS group, which is the world’s leading verification, testing, inspection and certification company covering 140 countries and having a staff 48,000 persons.


The following are needed for application:

* sample, photographs can normally be recognized
* application (application forms available on request)
* copy of the CB certificate
* copies of the test reports
* if available, copy of the factory inspections already carried out by a competent inspection body

The applicant for the CB certificate can be:

* a manufacturer
* a representative of the manufacturer

On SGS Fimko's website, you find further information on the FI mark and other certifications by SGS Fimko.


The well-known FI is a highly valued certification mark in Europe. It represents a high Nordic safety standard and complies with the Low Voltage Directive. 75 % is familiar with the FI mark. The SGS FI mark introduced in November 2006 is a combination of FI mark’s reliability and the recognition of SGS.

SGS Fimko runs regularly advertisement campaigns on mass media. The FI mark enables both consumers and suppliers to distinguish safe, tested qualified electrical products from the rest. It gives the manufacturer, importer or retailer a reliable and firm basis for the quality management and marketing of the product. Information about safe and tested products is available from the public register of certified products, on website .

The validity of certification continues on the condition of yearly factory inspections and annual fees.

The FI mark covers the contents of the IEC standards and any national deviations and EMC requirements included in the safety standards.

A separate EMC mark, indicating impartial EMC testing, can also be granted.

Pre-license and follow-up inspections

Pre-license inspection and follow up inspections once a year are required. These are normally carried out by local partners.

Further information

We are at your disposal for any further information. The address to our website is:

The mentioned website includes important information for example about other valid product and quality certifications, directives, newsletters, etc.