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DISCLAIMER: National differences and Regulatory Requirements

The National differences and Group differences, National Deviations, Special National conditions (SNC) and Regulatory Requirements, are based solely on information provided to the Secretariat by the IECEE Member Bodies and/or NCBs and other sources. The IEC/IECEE is not responsible for, nor will it take any position related to, the accuracy or validity of the information provided. To verify the current status of this type of information, we recommend contacting the Member Body (MB) or National Certification Body (NCB) of the relevant country.

Group Differences are applicable for CENELEC member countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Republic of North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

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Standards in Scope

Acceptance Date
Group Differences
National Differences
Regulatory Requirements
CAPIEC 60252:1993 N/A R
CAPIEC 60384-1:1982 N/A R
CAPIEC 60384-1:1982/AMD1:1985 N/A R
CAPIEC 60384-1:1982/AMD2:1987 N/A R
CAPIEC 60384-1:1982/AMD3:1989 N/A R
CAPIEC 60384-1:1982/AMD4:1992 N/A R
CAPIEC 60384-14:1993 N/A R
CAPIEC 60384-14:1993/AMD1:1995 N/A R
CAPIEC 60384-14:1981 N/A R
CAPIEC 60939-1:1988 N/A R
CAPIEC 60939-2:1988 N/A R
CAPIEC 60939-2:1988/AMD1:1996 N/A R
CONTIEC 60730-2-8:2000 N/A R
CONTIEC 60730-2-8:2000/AMD1:2002 N/A R
CONTIEC 60730-2-9:2000 N/A R
CONTIEC 60730-2-9:2000/AMD1:2002 N/A R
CONTIEC 60730-2-9:2000/AMD2:2004 N/A R
EMCCISPR 11:2003 N/A I/R
EMCCISPR 11:2003/AMD1:2004 N/A I/R
EMCCISPR 11:2003/AMD2:2006 N/A R
EMCCISPR 12:2001 N/A R
EMCCISPR 12:2001/AMD1:2005 N/A R
EMCCISPR 13:2001 N/A I/R
EMCCISPR 13:2001/AMD1:2003 N/A I/R
EMCCISPR 14-1:2005 N/A R
EMCCISPR 14-1:2000 N/A I/R
EMCCISPR 14-1:2000/AMD1:2001 N/A I/R
EMCCISPR 14-1:2000/AMD2:2002 N/A I/R
EMCCISPR 14-2:1997 N/A I/R
EMCCISPR 14-2:1997/AMD1:2001 N/A I/R
EMCCISPR 15:1992 N/A R
EMCCISPR 20:2002 N/A I/R
EMCCISPR 20:2002/AMD1:2002 N/A I/R
EMCCISPR 20:2002/AMD2:2004 N/A I/R
EMCCISPR 22:2005 N/A R
EMCCISPR 22:2005/AMD1:2005 N/A R
EMCCISPR 22:2005/AMD2:2006 N/A R
EMCCISPR 22:2003 N/A I/R
EMCCISPR 22:2003/AMD1:2004 N/A R
EMCCISPR 24:1997 N/A I/R
EMCCISPR 24:1997/AMD1:2001 N/A I/R
EMCCISPR 24:1997/AMD2:2002 N/A I/R
EMCIEC 60118-13:2004 N/A R
EMCIEC 60601-1-2:2001 N/A I/R
EMCIEC 60601-1-2:2001/AMD1:2004 N/A R
EMCIEC 61000-3-2:2005 N/A R
EMCIEC 61000-3-2:2000 N/A I/R
EMCIEC 61000-3-2:2000/AMD1:2001 N/A I/R
EMCIEC 61000-3-2:2000/AMD2:2004 N/A R
EMCIEC 61000-3-3:1994 N/A I/R
EMCIEC 61000-3-3:1994/AMD1:2001 N/A I/R
EMCIEC 61000-3-3:1994/AMD2:2005 N/A R
EMCIEC 61000-4-3:2006 N/A R
EMCIEC 61000-4-3:2002 N/A I/R
EMCIEC 61000-4-3:2002/AMD1:2002 N/A I/R
EMCIEC 61000-4-5:2005 N/A R
EMCIEC 61000-4-5:1995 N/A I/R
EMCIEC 61000-4-5:1995/AMD1:2000 N/A I/R
EMCIEC 61000-4-6:2003 N/A R
EMCIEC 61000-4-6:2003/AMD1:2004 N/A R
EMCIEC 61000-4-6:2003/AMD2:2006 N/A R
EMCIEC 61000-4-7:2002 N/A R
EMCIEC 61000-4-8:1993 N/A I/R
EMCIEC 61000-4-8:1993/AMD1:2000 N/A I/R
EMCIEC 61000-4-9:1993 N/A I/R
EMCIEC 61000-4-9:1993/AMD1:2000 N/A I/R
EMCIEC 61000-4-11:2004 N/A I/R
EMCIEC 61000-4-12:1995 N/A R
EMCIEC 61000-4-12:1995/AMD1:2000 N/A R
EMCIEC 61000-6-1:2005 N/A R
EMCIEC 61000-6-1:1997 N/A I/R
EMCIEC 61000-6-2:2005 N/A R
EMCIEC 61000-6-2:1999 N/A I/R
EMCIEC 61000-6-3:2006 N/A R
EMCIEC 61000-6-4:2006 N/A R
EMCIEC 61000-6-4:1997 N/A I/R
EMCIEC 61204-3:2000 N/A I/R
EMCIEC 61326-1:2005 N/A I/R
EMCIEC 61543:1995 N/A R
EMCIEC 61547:1995 N/A R
EMCIEC 61547:1995/AMD1:2000 N/A R
EMCIEC 61800-3:2004 N/A R
EMCIEC 62040-2:1999 N/A R
EMCIEC 62153-4-2:2003 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-1:2001 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-1:2001/AMD1:2004 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-1:1991 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-1:1991/AMD1:1994 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-1:1991/AMD2:1999 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-1:1976 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-1:1976/AMD1:1977 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-1:1976/AMD2:1979 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-1:1976/AMD3:1982 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-1:1976/AMD4:1984 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-1:1976/AMD5:1986 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-1:1976/AMD6:1988 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-2:2002 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-2:2002/AMD1:2004 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-2:2002/AMD2:2006 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-2:1993 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-2:1993/AMD1:1998 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-2:1993/AMD2:1999 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-3:2002 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-3:2002/AMD1:2004 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-3:1993 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-3:1993/AMD1:1999 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-3:1993/AMD2:1999 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-4:2002 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-4:2002/AMD1:2004 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-4:2002/AMD2:2006 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-5:2002 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-5:2002/AMD1:2005 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-5:1992 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-5:1992/AMD1:1999 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-6:2002 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-6:2002/AMD1:2004 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-6:1997 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-6:1997/AMD1:2000 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-7:2002 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-7:2002/AMD1:2004 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-7:2000 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-7:1993 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-7:1993/AMD1:1998 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-7:1993/AMD2:1999 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-7:1984 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-7:1984/AMD1:1988 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-7:1984/AMD2:1990 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-8:2002 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-8:2002/AMD1:2005 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-8:1992 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-9:2002 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-9:2002/AMD1:2004 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-9:2002/AMD2:2006 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-9:1993 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-9:1993/AMD1:1998 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-9:1993/AMD2:1999 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-10:2002 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-10:1992 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-11:2002 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-11:2002/AMD1:2003 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-11:2002/AMD2:2006 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-11:2000 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-11:1993 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-11:1993/AMD1:1998 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-11:1993/AMD2:1999 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-13:2002 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-13:2002/AMD1:2004 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-13:1993 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-13:1993/AMD1:1993 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-13:1993/AMD2:1998 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-14:2006 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-14:2002 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-14:1994 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-14:1994/AMD1:1998 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-14:1994/AMD2:1999 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-14:1984 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-14:1984/AMD1:1989 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-14:1984/AMD2:1990 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-15:2002 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-15:2002/AMD1:2005 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-15:1995 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-15:1995/AMD1:1999 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-15:1995/AMD2:2000 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-15:1986 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-15:1986/AMD1:1988 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-15:1986/AMD2:1990 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-15:1986/AMD3:1992 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-16:1994 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-17:2002 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-17:1998 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-21:2002 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-21:2002/AMD1:2004 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-21:1997 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-21:1989 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-21:1989/AMD1:1990 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-21:1989/AMD2:1990 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-21:1989/AMD3:1992 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-23:2003 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-23:1996 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-23:1996/AMD1:2000 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-24:2002 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-24:2002/AMD1:2005 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-25:2002 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-25:1996 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-25:1993 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-25:1993/AMD1:1995 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-26:1994 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-26:1987 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-27:2002 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-27:2002/AMD1:2004 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-27:1995 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-27:1995/AMD1:2000 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-28:2002 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-28:1994 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-28:1987 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-29:2002 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-29:2002/AMD1:2004 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-29:1994 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-29:1987 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-29:1987/AMD1:1989 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-29:1987/AMD2:1991 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-30:2002 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-30:2002/AMD1:2004 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-30:1996 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-30:1996/AMD1:1999 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-30:1990 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-30:1990/AMD1:1990 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-31:2002 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-31:2002/AMD1:2006 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-31:1995 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-31:1995/AMD1:1998 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-31:1988 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-31:1988/AMD1:1990 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-32:2002 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-32:1993 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-32:1993/AMD1:1999 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-32:1987 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-33:1987 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-33:1987/AMD1:1990 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-34:1999 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-34:1996 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-34:1980 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-34:1980/AMD1:1987 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-34:1980/AMD2:1991 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-34:1980/AMD3:1992 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-36:2002 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-36:2002/AMD1:2004 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-37:2002 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-38:2002 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-38:2000 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-38:1994 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-38:1994/AMD1:1996 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-38:1994/AMD2:1998 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-38:1986 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-38:1986/AMD1:1990 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-39:2002 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-39:2002/AMD1:2004 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-40:2002 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-40:1995 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-40:1995/AMD1:2000 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-40:1992 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-41:2002 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-41:2002/AMD1:2004 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-41:1996 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-41:1996/AMD1:2000 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-43:2002 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-43:2002/AMD1:2005 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-43:1995 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-43:1984 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-43:1984/AMD1:1988 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-44:2002 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-44:1997 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-44:1987 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-45:2002 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-45:1996 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-45:1986 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-45:1986/AMD1:1990 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-47:2002 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-48:2002 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-50:2002 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-51:2002 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-52:2002 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-52:1994 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-52:1988 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-53:1997 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-53:1988 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-54:2002 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-54:2002/AMD1:2004 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-54:1995 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-54:1995/AMD1:1999 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-54:1988 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-55:2002 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-55:1997 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-55:1989 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-56:1997 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-56:1990 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-57:1989 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-59:2002 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-59:2002/AMD1:2006 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-59:1997 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-59:1990 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-60:2002 2010-08-04 I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-60:2002/AMD1:2004 2010-08-04 I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-60:2002/AMD2:2008 2010-08-04 I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-60:1997 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-60:1990 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-61:2002 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-61:2002/AMD1:2005 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-61:1992 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-61:1992/AMD1:2000 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-65:2002 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-65:1993 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-69:2002 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-69:2002/AMD1:2004 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-73:2002 2010-08-04 I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-73:2002/AMD1:2006 2010-08-04 I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-73:2002/AMD2:2009 2010-08-04 I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-73:1994 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-74:2002 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-74:1994 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-75:2002 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-75:2002/AMD1:2004 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-78:2002 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-78:1995 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-79:2002 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-79:2002/AMD1:2004 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-80:2002 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-80:2002/AMD1:2004 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-80:1997 N/A I/R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-81:1997 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-88:1997 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-89:2002 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-89:2002/AMD1:2005 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-95:2002 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-95:2002/AMD1:2004 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-96:2002 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-96:2002/AMD1:2003 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-97:2002 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-97:2002/AMD1:2004 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-98:2002 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-98:2002/AMD1:2004 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-98:1997 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60335-2-105:2004 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60704-2-3:2001 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60704-2-3:2001/AMD1:2005 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60704-2-6:2003 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60704-2-13:2000 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60704-2-13:2000/AMD1:2005 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60967:1988 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60967:1988/AMD1:1991 N/A R
HOUSIEC 60967:1988/AMD2:1995 N/A R
LITEIEC 61048:1991 N/A R
LITEIEC 61048:1991/AMD1:1995 N/A R
MEASIEC 61010-1:1990 N/A R
MEASIEC 61010-1:1990/AMD1:1992 N/A R
MEASIEC 61010-1:1990/AMD2:1995 N/A R
MEASIEC 61010-2-040:2005 N/A R
MEASIEC 61010-2-051:2003 N/A R
MEASIEC 61010-2-081:2001 N/A R
MEDIEC 60601-1:2005 N/A R
MEDIEC 60601-1-6:2004 N/A R
MEDIEC 60601-2-11:1997 N/A R
MEDIEC 60601-2-17:2004 N/A R
MEDIEC 60601-2-37:2001 N/A R
MEDIEC 60601-2-37:2001/AMD1:2004 N/A R
MEDIEC 60601-2-44:2001 N/A R
MEDIEC 60601-2-44:2001/AMD1:2002 N/A R
OFFIEC 60950-1:2005 N/A R
OFFIEC 60950-21:2002 N/A R
SAFEIEC 61558-1:1997 N/A R
SAFEIEC 61558-1:1997/AMD1:1998 N/A R
SAFEIEC 61558-2-1:1997 N/A R
SAFEIEC 61558-2-2:1997 N/A R
SAFEIEC 61558-2-3:1999 N/A R
SAFEIEC 61558-2-4:1997 N/A R
SAFEIEC 61558-2-5:1997 N/A R
SAFEIEC 61558-2-6:1997 N/A R
SAFEIEC 61558-2-7:1997 N/A R
SAFEIEC 61558-2-8:1998 N/A R
SAFEIEC 61558-2-12:2001 N/A R
SAFEIEC 61558-2-13:1999 N/A R
SAFEIEC 61558-2-15:1999 N/A R
SAFEIEC 61558-2-17:1997 N/A R
SAFEIEC 61558-2-23:2000 N/A R
TOOLIEC 60745-1:2001 N/A R
TOOLIEC 60745-1:2001/AMD1:2002 N/A R
TOOLIEC 60745-1:1997 N/A R
TOOLIEC 60745-1:1982 N/A R
TOOLIEC 60745-2-1:2003 N/A R
TOOLIEC 60745-2-1:1989 N/A R
TOOLIEC 60745-2-1:1989/AMD1:1992 N/A R
TOOLIEC 60745-2-2:2003 N/A R
TOOLIEC 60745-2-2:1982 N/A R
TOOLIEC 60745-2-2:1982/AMD1:1991 N/A R
TOOLIEC 60745-2-3:1984 N/A R
TOOLIEC 60745-2-3:1984/AMD1:1995 N/A R
TOOLIEC 60745-2-4:2002 N/A R
TOOLIEC 60745-2-4:1983 N/A R
TOOLIEC 60745-2-4:1983/AMD1:1992 N/A R
TOOLIEC 60745-2-4:1983/AMD2:1996 N/A R
TOOLIEC 60745-2-5:2003 N/A R
TOOLIEC 60745-2-5:1993 N/A R
TOOLIEC 60745-2-5:1983 N/A R
TOOLIEC 60745-2-6:2003 N/A R
TOOLIEC 60745-2-6:1989 N/A R
TOOLIEC 60745-2-6:1989/AMD1:1992 N/A R
TOOLIEC 60745-2-8:2003 N/A R
TOOLIEC 60745-2-9:2003 N/A R
TOOLIEC 60745-2-11:2003 N/A R
TOOLIEC 60745-2-14:2003 N/A R
TOOLIEC 60745-2-17:2003 N/A R
TOOLIEC 60745-2-18:2003 N/A R
TOOLIEC 61029-1:1990 N/A R
TRONIEC 60065:2001 2013-02-27 R
TRONIEC 60065:2001/AMD1:2005 2013-02-27 R