Certification Management Committee (CMC)

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IECEE-CMC/2189/ACNomination for the appointment of the CTL Chair2020-09-222020-12-21PDF file 112 kB-
IECEE-CMC/2192A/DV Updated Document for Vote: To approve the 2020 CTL report and associated recommendations for approval.2020-10-222020-12-16ZIP file 5333 kB-
IECEE-CMC/2192/DVDocument for Vote: To approve the 2020 CTL report and associated recommendations for approval.2020-09-302020-11-14ZIP file 2640 kB-
IECEE-CMC/2187/DVTo decide on the way forward regarding the IECEE Laboratory and Certification Recognition Service based on ITU-T Recommendations and further ITU-T related activities.2020-08-252020-10-09PDF file 256 kBPDF file IECEE-CMC/2193/RV
IECEE-CMC/2185/QQuestionnaire regarding NCB interest in offering services for Certification of Personnel Competence2020-07-062020-09-04PDF file 152 kBPDF file IECEE-CMC/2190/RQ
IECEE-CMC/2186/DCDocument for Comment: Draft IECEE 06 Edition 1.0 - Rules of Procedure - IECEE Scheme for Certification of Personnel Competence2020-07-062020-09-04PDF file 745 kBPDF file IECEE-CMC/2191/CC
IECEE-CMC/2108/ACCall for Nominations of the IECEE Chair2020-02-142020-03-31PDF file 173 kBPDF file IECEE-CMC/2153/DFA
IECEE-CMC/2109/ACCall for Nominations of PAC Members2020-02-142020-03-31PDF file 152 kBPDF file IECEE-CMC/2131/DFA
IECEE-CMC/2110/ACCall for Nominations of the PSC Co-Chairs2020-02-142020-03-31PDF file 137 kBPDF file IECEE-CMC/2154/DFA
IECEE-CMC/2111/ACCall for Nominations of the BoA Members2020-02-142020-03-31PDF file 115 kBPDF file IECEE-CMC/2123A/DFA
IECEE-CMC/2119/DVProposed IECEE 2021 Budget and Dues2020-03-052020-03-27Word file 152 kBPDF file IECEE-CMC/2120/RV
IECEE-CMC/2106/DVDocument for vote: To approve a Conformity Assessment Service for Standard IEC/IEEE 608022019-12-132020-01-31ZIP file 1286 kBPDF file IECEE-CMC/2107A/CC
PDF file IECEE-CMC/2158/RV
IECEE-CMC/2105/Q2019 Statistics on issued and recognized CB Test Certificates2019-12-172019-12-17Excel file 363 kBPDF file IECEE-CMC/2145/INF
IECEE-CMC/2103/DVTo approve the Implementation Timeline for ISO/IEC 17025:2017 by IECEE Customers’ Testing Facilities (CTF)2019-08-092019-09-23Word file 79 kBPDF file IECEE-CMC/2104/RV
IECEE-CMC/2099/DVElection of the Executive Secretary of the IECEE2019-06-202019-08-04Word file 81 kBPDF file IECEE-CMC/2102/RV
IECEE-CMC/2097/DVNomination of PSC Alternate Conformity Assessment Member for Japan2019-05-172019-07-01Word file 312 kBPDF file IECEE-CMC/2101/RV
IECEE-CMC/2063/DVProposal for appointment of PSC Industry Alternate Member for the Netherlands2019-05-082019-06-25Word file 661 kBPDF file IECEE-CMC/2100/RV
IECEE-CMC/2014/QQuestionnaire requesting Member Body comments on the CAB’s BizL List2019-03-152019-05-15Word file 84 kBPDF file IECEE-CMC/2076/RQ
IECEE-CMC/2015/DVProposal for change of PSC Industry Member and alternate for Germany2019-03-072019-04-21Word file 550 kBPDF file IECEE-CMC/2031/RV
IECEE-CMC/2022/DVProposed IECEE 2020 Budget and Dues2019-03-182019-04-08Word file 561 kBPDF file IECEE-CMC/2023/RV
IECEE-CMC/2013/ACCall for Nominations of PAC Members2019-02-112019-03-31PDF file 217 kBPDF file IECEE-CMC/2036/DFA
IECEE-CMC/2013A/ACCall for Nominations of PAC Members2019-02-132019-03-31PDF file 217 kBPDF file IECEE-CMC/2036/DFA
IECEE-CMC/2010/Q2018 Statistics on issued and recognized CB Test Certificates2018-12-182019-01-14Excel file 376 kBPDF file IECEE-CMC/2052/INF
IECEE-CMC/2009/DVChange of PSC Senior Conformity Assessment Member for Japan2018-11-272019-01-11Word file 144 kBPDF file IECEE-CMC/2012/RV
IECEE-CMC/1999/DVTo approve the revised IECEE 01-S Edition 2.02018-08-152018-11-15Word file 903 kBPDF file IECEE-CMC/2008/RV
IECEE-CMC/2003/DVNomination of PSC Alternate Industry Member for Japan2018-09-132018-10-28Word file 99 kBPDF file IECEE-CMC/2006/RV
IECEE-CMC/2001/DVTo approve the nomination received for Board of Appeal Chair2018-09-112018-10-26Word file 488 kBPDF file IECEE-CMC/2004/RV
IECEE-CMC/2002/DVTo approve Draft OD-2037 Edition 3.12018-09-112018-10-26Word file 962 kBPDF file IECEE-CMC/2005/RV
IECEE-CMC/1998/DVProposal for change of PSC Industry Member for United Kingdom2018-07-232018-09-06Word file 133 kBPDF file IECEE-CMC/2000/RV
IECEE-CMC/1997/ACCall for nominations of Board of Appeals Chair2018-07-042018-08-31PDF file 98 kBWord file IECEE-CMC/2001/DV
IECEE-CMC/1959/DVApproval of Draft OD-2033 Edition 3.52018-04-052018-06-22Word file 886 kBPDF file IECEE-CMC/1961/CC
PDF file IECEE-CMC/1996/RV
IECEE-CMC/1966/DVDocument for vote for the approval of the addition of a new clause to OD-2053 and an associated reporting template form2018-04-302018-06-14Word file 121 kBPDF file IECEE-CMC/1995/RV
IECEE-CMC/1889/ACCall for Nomination for the appointment of the Chair of the IECEE2017-12-052018-03-31PDF file 103 kBPDF file IECEE-CMC/1960/INF
IECEE-CMC/1890/ACCall for Nomination for the appointment of the Vice-Chair of the IECEE2017-12-052018-03-31PDF file 101 kBPDF file IECEE-CMC/1914/DFA
IECEE-CMC/1891/ACCall for Nomination for the appointment of the Treasurer of the IECEE2017-12-052018-03-31PDF file 101 kBPDF file IECEE-CMC/1960/INF
IECEE-CMC/1892/ACCall for Nomination for the appointment of the Executive Secretary of the IECEE2017-12-052018-03-31PDF file 102 kBPDF file IECEE-CMC/1960/INF
IECEE-CMC/1895/ACCall for Nominations of PAC Members2017-12-052018-03-31PDF file 113 kBWord file IECEE-CMC/1926/DV
IECEE-CMC/1900/QQuestionnaire on the yearly Member Body report on full representation of national interests within their Member Bodies2018-01-222018-03-31Word file 85 kBPDF file IECEE-CMC/1903C/RQ
IECEE-CMC/1909/DVBallot of the proposed 2019 Budget and Dues and the approval by the CAB2018-03-062018-03-29Word file 176 kBPDF file IECEE-CMC/1910/RV
IECEE-CMC/1901/DVProposal for change of PSC Industry Member for Germany2018-01-242018-03-10Word file 157 kBPDF file IECEE-CMC/1917/RV
IECEE-CMC/1897/QQuestionnaire regarding the future approval process of IECEE peer assessors to be included into the pool of IECEE assessors2017-12-112018-02-28Word file 90 kBPDF file IECEE-CMC/1954/RQ
IECEE-CMC/1893/ACCall for Nomination for the appointment of the CTL Chair2017-12-052018-02-16PDF file 99 kBPDF file IECEE-CMC/1918/RCMC
IECEE-CMC/1894/ACCall for Nomination for the appointment of the CFS Chair2017-12-052018-02-16PDF file 99 kB-
IECEE-CMC/1884/DVDocument for vote: Approval of 1 Member and 3 Deputies for the Board of Appeals2017-10-052017-12-04Word file 1942 kBPDF file IECEE-CMC/1888/RV
IECEE-CMC/1882/DVDocument for vote: CFS proposal for approval of new CFS Secretary2017-09-192017-11-18Word file 520 kBPDF file IECEE-CMC/1887/RV
IECEE-CMC/1883A/DVDocument for vote: Funding for the 2017 Cyber Security Workshop - A version2017-10-032017-10-28Word file 89 kBPDF file IECEE-CMC/1886/RV
IECEE-CMC/1881/DVProposal for change of PSC Conformity Assessment Member for Hungary2017-08-252017-10-24Word file 147 kBPDF file IECEE-CMC/1885/RV
IECEE-CMC/1877/DVApproval of the PSC proposed Draft OD-G-2063 Edition 1.0 - IECEE Policy Statement, and the approval of PSC WG 1 recommendation to update the CMC survey to Member Bodies regarding Conformity Assessment needs2017-06-292017-08-28Word file 777 kBPDF file IECEE-CMC/1880/RV
IECEE-CMC/1783/ACNomination for the appointment of the PSC Co-Chairs2017-02-062017-03-31PDF file 79 kB-
IECEE-CMC/1784/ACCall for Nominations of PAC Members & Chair2017-02-072017-03-31PDF file 113 kBPDF file IECEE-CMC/1810/DFA
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