Policy and Strategy Committee



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PSC WG 01 "Strategy"


Working on tasks assigned by the PSC, such as:

-  Preparing strategic proposals for the PSC as assigned by the CMC;
- Analyzing opportunities identified from various sources and making recommendations to the PSC;
- Reviewing and interpreting CAB strategy documents and decisions, to assess their impact on the IECEE, and making relevant recommendations to the PSC;

Developing and maintaining the PSC Online Forum, analyzing the input received, and providing recommendations to the PSC.

Responsible for controlled documents: OD-G-2062, OD-G-2063, GD-2065

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PSC WG 01 Convenor & Members

Photo: Mr Gryn Joe

Mr Gryn Joe



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Mr Brière David

CSA Group

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Ms Du Chunjing


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Mr Duffy Timothy

Rockwell Automation (US)

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Mr Kajiya Toshiyuki

Policy and Strategy Committee

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Mr Lee Ki-Seuk

Korea Testing Laboratory (KTL)

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Mr Malitte Andre

BSH Hausgeräte GmbH

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Mr Moliski Paul

Intertek Testing Services NA, Inc.

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Mr Selva Pierre

Schneider Electric

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Mrs d'Ornano Marie-Elisabeth


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