Policy and Strategy Committee



Working Groups and Task Forces

Terms of reference
PSC TF Regulatory acceptance interests

TF should evaluate the situation and coordinate with the CMC TF “Alternative Recognition Proposals”.

PSC WG 01 "Strategy"

Working on tasks assigned by the PSC, such as:

-  Preparing strategic proposals for the PSC as assigned by the CMC;
- Analyzing opportunities identified from various sources and making recommendations to the PSC;
- Reviewing and interpreting CAB strategy documents and decisions, to assess their impact on the IECEE, and making relevant recommendations to the PSC;

Developing and maintaining the PSC Online Forum, analyzing the input received, and providing recommendations to the PSC.

Responsible for controlled documents: OD-G-2062, OD-G-2063, GD-2065

PSC WG 01 TF "Collaboration Tools Use"

To study what we want to use Collaboration Tools for among PSC and PSC WG members, for example on how to share information and develop the online forum and then to consider resources needed to achieve the desired outcomes.

PSC WG 03 "Industrial Automation"

Within the scope of Industrial Automation standards developed by TC22/SC22G, TC44, TC65, TC65/TC66 JWG13 and SC121A/B identify market relevant IECEE Conformity Assessment deliverables.

To explore other opportunities for the development of services for the Industrial Automation market segment, e.g.

  • Role of IIoT
  • Big data
  • Smart Manufacturing / Industry 4.0
  • Software quality in embedded systems and control systems
  • Wireless technologies relevant for Industrial Automation

To explore root causes that can enable the increased use of services in the area of Industrial Automation.

PSC WG 10 "How to meet industry needs"

To deal with matters regarding the IECEE System helping industry for gaining global market access and promote industry participation in IECEE activities by:
•    understanding needs of the industry,
•    reviewing and exploring IECEE operations the industry requires accessing the market and
•    developing actions and proposals to help the industry for gaining market access.