Peer Assessment Committee



Working Groups and Task Forces

Terms of reference
Peer Assessment Training Group

1. Developing a specialized training and mentorship program for prospective and newly appointed Lead Assessors
a. Creating a Peer Assessment Mentorship (PAM) Group reporting to PAC
b. The members of this Group would be our most experienced LAs, including those who may have recently retired but who continue to be active in the IECEE Peer Assessment.
c. Their primary tasks would be to:
i. Develop training materials for training of Technical and Lead Assessors
ii. Act as Trainers during the IECEE Assessor Training
iii. Provide specialized training for the identified Lead Assessors-in-Training (LAIT)
iv. Provide ongoing support for the LAITs during assessments, including preparation, assessment conduct and the post assessment phase.
v. Provide endorsements of the LAITs to become accepted IECEE Lead Assessors.

2. Developing the criteria for progression from Technical Assessor to a Lead Assessors, such as:
a. Completing a minimum of 5 assessments as Technical Assessors to become Lead-Assessors-in-Training
b. Having a recommendation from an experienced LA
c. Completing a specialized training for LAITs
d. Completing a minimum of 2 assessments as Lead-Assessor-in-Training under the PAM mentorship
e. Having the final PAM endorsement and PAC approval.

2. Developing a budget for the cost of operating of such a program, based on the approved IECEE principle of reimbursing trainers for their time and expenses.