Certification Management Committee



Working Groups and Task Forces

Terms of reference
CMC Task Force Categories

To research and analyze the use of the “category” system.

CMC Task Force Certification of Personnel Competency

To study the creation of a certification of personnel competency (CoPC) scheme, taking into account functional safety and other future IECEE needs related to personnel certification. PSC furthermore proposes to invite NECA and other outside sources (e.g. regulators, industrial end-users) to participate in this group. It is suggested that the TF use experiences and expertise from other IEC Conformity Assessment Systems.

CMC Task Force Cyber Security

 To make an unique approach for conformity assessment to IEC 62443 series
- The initial set-up of a guidance Operational Document to describe how the conformity assessment can be handled.
- To describe the use of testing tools (start of instrument list) and test protocols.

Additional areas of work include conformity assessment elements pertaining to Industrial Automation Cyber Security in conjunction with the IEC 62443 series of standards to address the following:

• To track the current status of work coming out of TC 65 WG10, Industrial Automation, to ensure that Standards coming out of TC 65 are relevant to the Certification Market place. This will be accomplished via informal WG 3 liaison with TC 65 (common members).

• To include elements pertaining to Cyber Security related to Industrial Automation.

• To evaluate the need for Personnel certification for Cyber Security.

• To evaluate the need for a “System Level” Certification for Cyber Security of an industrial application.

CMC Task Force Functional Safety

To define market relevant solutions and services related to functional safety in the IECEE CB Scheme:
- identifying suitable product groups for commencing such services
- identifying the necessary qualification for personnel performing such services in terms of educational background, training and experience
- defining meaningful working procedures for conformity assessment
- to apply a system approach

CMC Task Force ITU requirements

  • To develop a proposal for the CAB, based on the CB Scheme, regarding potential acceptance of inclusion of ITU recommendations under the IECEE scope, by
  • To take into account the IECEE Secretariat ITU specification inquiry results.
  • To determine which IECEE documents, rules, ODs will need to be modified to incorporate the inclusion of ITU.
  • To determine the required qualifications in laboratories and staff in order to incorporate the ITU recommendations in the IECEE.

CMC Task Force Operation and Structure

To analyse and evaluate potential efficiencies related to rules and structure as per IECEE-CMC/1695/DFA and taking into account member body comments noted under agenda topic 25 of IECEE-CMC/1650H/DA.

CMC Task Force Other recognizing bodies

To clarify if the IECEE rules are met with the application of the Bahrain application to become recognizing NCB. If not, what are the gaps and what could be changed in the rules to accept them?

CMC Task Force on updating of SPTL requirements in ODs

Looking into the requirements of SPTL’s which may require updating due to several different OD updates during the past years

CMC WG 03 "Utilization of Customers’ Testing Facilities"

To develop and maintain procedures and other documentation related to the Utilization of the Customers’ Testing Facilities program.

CMC WG 05 "Components Recognition"

- Examine the current operational practice in the CB Scheme with respect to acceptance of components.
- Review the maintenance of OD-CB-2039 on “Acceptance of Components within the IECEE CB Scheme and component acceptance matrix” to identify situations in which components evaluated in the end-product are not accepted by the recognizing NCB.
- Carry out a strategic analysis of the current and future needs of the CB Scheme and the FCS with respect to acceptance of components.
- Maintain OD-2036 (Operation of Component Recognition Programme-CPR).
- Develop a proposal or proposals to improve the acceptance of components, as related to both the CB Scheme and FCS.

CMC WG 08 "IECEE System Deliverables"

- Provide a forum for collection of information from all stakeholders relative to the improvement of the IECEE System.
- Conduct analysis of the implications related to validity and acceptance criteria for IECEE System Deliverables.
The WG is to:

- Establish a pilot program to serve as a collection point or gateway for issues raised in issuance and recognition of IECEE System Deliverables.
- Ongoing monitoring of those items that are in process or have been resolved for the purpose of making procedural recommendations for improvement to the System.


To deal with matters pertaining to Test Report Forms.

CMC WG 10 "Maintenance of the IECEE Rules and Operational Documents"

To Review and update the IECEE Basic Rules, IECEE 01, the Rules of Procedure, IECEE 02, and those Operational Documents that are not under the terms of reference of existing IECEE Working Groups.

To Review Current Decisions that are not within the scope of existing IECEE Working Groups and to incorporate them in the IECEE Rules, IECEE 01, the IECEE Rules of Procedure, IECEE 02 or Operational Documents as appropriate.

To Refer Current Decisions that are within the scope of existing IECEE Working Groups to the appropriate WGs for incorporation into the appropriate Operational Document(s)

CMC WG 18 "Financial Outlook"

a) Outlook of the IECEE finances, evaluations of mid-term financial plans.
b) To consider a new funding model in order to ensure sustainable viability of the IECEE System.
c) To explore possibilities to use of the IECEE surplus to develop the System.
d) To explore possibilities to use of the IECEE surplus to assist smaller countries.
e) Review of the variance report for end of year information.

CMC WG 24 "Infringement"

1. Identify various forms of infringements based on the experiences of the IECEE Secretariat and the Members of WG 24.
2. Explore the infringement issues and propose appropriate administrative measures for the IECEE, including the related responsibilities.
3. Draft a set of rules to consistently manage infringements within the IECEE (OD-2033).
4. Ensure, on an on-going basis and in collaboration with the IECEE Secretariat, that OD-2033 is complete and up to date.

CMC WG 25 "Marketing"

To handle various marketing matters for the IECEE, including:
- Planning and facilitating the launch of new services and promotion of existing services as well as means to grow the global awareness of IECEE in general.
- When appropriate, make the promotion and marketing of the IECEE services efficient and powerful by coordinated/collective efforts and measured results.
- Handle other marketing related tasks as assigned by the CMC.
The promotion and marketing as well as the actual services shall be adapted to the different groups of customers in the value chain.

CMC WG 26 "Succession Planning and Mentoring"

To develop initiatives that would encourage younger participants to become involved with IEC Conformity assessment activities, through:

  1. Working with WG 28 on the development of materials of a self-training nature related to the IECEE operations and procedures for potential participants.
  2. Providing group and individual development and direction (mentorship) to support potential and new IECEE participants.
  3. Identifying from these new participants, candidates who are willing, have support and the potential to become IECEE WG conveners and/or Committee chairs.
  4. Review the possibility of developing a new position of “Vice Convener” to Working Groups and monitor this implementation.
  5. Coordinate with the IEC on the Young Professional Program to develop a program for their active participation in the CMC and/or working groups, to identify candidates that are financed by the CMC and develop the selection program.

CMC WG 27 "Document Control"

a) To establish and maintain a procedure for controlled document management,

b) To define:

  • types of controlled documents used within IECEE Schemes
  • basic structure of IECEE controlled documents
  • responsibilities of IECEE controlled documents owners and approvers
  • mechanisms for control and maintenance of IECEE controlled documents,

c) Responsible for controlled document(s): OD-2059.

CMC WG 28 "Training and Education"

Developing training packages, Power Point presentations, organizing and running workshops for Industry, Regulators, Educators and MB’s, e.g.

CMC WG 29 "Certification"

  • Interpretations and common understanding of applicable ISO/IEC 17000 series standards as they relate to certification
  • IECEE certificate content
  • Define applicable IECEE deliverable based on applied product standard(s) (e.g. Certificate or STR)
  • Provide advice on certification matters and issues, as needed, to all IECEE Committees, Working Groups, assessor trainings and training material.
  • To advise the CMC and IECEE Executive Secretary on issues related to certification on request of the CMC and IECEE Executive Secretary respectively

CMC Sub-Working Group 10A “Current Decisions ”