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Terms of reference

• Identifying market needs and proposing IECEE market solutions (new programs or services) to meet those needs and to maintain high quality third party conformity assessment principles.
• Proposing targets of particular countries and/or services where the participation of a National Organization would facilitate trade in accepting IECEE CB Test Certificates as proof of compliance.
• Proposing mechanisms for ensuring that the IECEE Conformity Assessment solutions are recognized as the basis for certification and acceptance in regulated markets worldwide in a timely way.
• Developing proposals for new programs and services, as well as the related business plans and carrying out market impact analysis for new and existing programs and services on an ongoing basis.
• Providing to the CMC the PSC interpretation of the relevant CAB policies, directions and decisions.
• Analyzing proposals from WG 3 “Customers' Testing Facilities Programme”  and other WGs where relevant,  and advising the CMC whether the elements of the programmes are meeting the requirements in regulated markets.
• Designing a framework or road map for the development of conformity assessment solutions within the IECEE schemes to facilitate market access and relevance - by taking advantage of all conformity assessment programs and services available today as well as those that are being developed.
• Providing strategic recommendations to the CMC in the area of standards (IEC and other standards) used for conformity assessment, their acceptance around the world, and regulatory requirements.
• Providing to the CMC guidance and direction on matters such as the following:
o IEC Masterplan and conformity assessment strategy developed by CAB
o Trade and regulatory trends (WTO, TBT, national regulation on safety, health, efficiency, performance, etc.)
o Relationships with outside organizations, including accreditation associations, international organizations, and regulatory bodies, as appropriate
o New accreditation requirements, e.g. Impact of new ISO/IEC Standards (17065, 17067, 17024, etc.)
o Potential new IECEE structures and links (establishing links with the ISO and ITU)
o New alliances

Responsible for controlled documents: OD-2052, OD-2057


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