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Terms of reference

• Identifying market needs and proposing IECEE market solutions (new programs or services) to meet those needs and to maintain high quality third party conformity assessment principles.
• Proposing targets of particular countries and/or services where the participation of a National Organization would facilitate trade in accepting IECEE CB Test Certificates as proof of compliance.
• Proposing mechanisms for ensuring that the IECEE Conformity Assessment solutions are recognized as the basis for certification and acceptance in regulated markets worldwide in a timely way.
• Developing proposals for new programs and services, as well as the related business plans, and verifying that the criteria of acceptance by the CAB are met.
• Providing to the CMC the PSC interpretation of the relevant CAB policies, directions and decisions.
• Analyzing proposals from WG 3 “Manufacturer Testing Laboratories Programmes” (Third Party Utilization of Customers’ Testing Facilities) and advising the CMC whether the elements of the programmes are meeting the requirements in regulated markets.
• Designing a framework or road map for the development of conformity assessment solutions within the IECEE schemes to facilitate market access and relevance - by taking advantage of all conformity assessment programs and services available today as well as those that are being developed.
• Providing strategic recommendations to the CMC in the area of standards (IEC and other standards) used for conformity assessment, their acceptance around the world, and regulatory requirements.
• Providing to the CMC guidance and direction on matters such as the following:
o IEC Masterplan and conformity assessment strategy developed by CAB
o Trade and regulatory trends (WTO, TBT, national regulation on safety, health, efficiency, performance, etc.)
o Relationships with outside organizations, including accreditation associations, international organizations, and regulatory bodies, as appropriate
o New accreditation requirements, e.g. Impact of new ISO/IEC Standards (17065, 17067, 17024, etc.)
o Potential new IECEE structures and links (establishing links with the ISO and ITU)
o New alliances


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