Committee of Testing Laboratories



Terms of reference

The aim of the Committee of Testing Laboratories (CTL) shall be to achieve reproducibility of test results and to promote a close collaboration between testing laboratories.

The task of the CTL is to

  1. handle questions of practice related to the test specifications and test methods detailed in the standards accepted for use in the IECEE,
  2. detail the way in which the tests related to the IECEE have to be carried out so as to achieve the necessary reproducibility of test results,
  3. harmonize the design and use of the test equipment if referred to in standards and to make recommendations to the relevant technical committee or subcommittee of the IEC for improvements of those standards,
  4. develop and maintain lists of testing equipment
  5. Establish test equipment requirements for standards used for the IECEE
  6. manage and support Proficiency Testing Programmes as appropriate
  7. organize workshops pertaining to the CTL activities and technical issues
  8. provide testing laboratories with a forum in which practical testing problems can be demonstrated and discussed,
  9. carry out other technical work as directed by the CMC.
  10. assign standards to a product category in accordance to set criteria.

Responsible for controlled documents: OD-2024, OD-2041, OD-2044, OD-2045, OD-2055, OD-5000, OD-5001, OD-5001-1, OD-5002, OD-5002-1, OD-5002-2, OD-5002-3, OD-5002-4, OD-5002-5, OD-5002-6, OD-5003, OD-5003-1, OD-5004, OD-5010, OD-5011, OD-5012, OD-5013, OD-5014, IEC Guide 115


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