Committee for Factory Surveillance



Terms of reference

The aim of the Committee for Factory Surveillance (CFS) shall be to achieve a common understanding and uniform factory surveillance report and techniques for the purpose of their mutual acceptance.

The task of the CFS is to:

  1. develop harmonized Factory Surveillance Procedures and associated forms,
  2. reach a common understanding and uniform audit techniques for the purpose of mutual acceptance of surveillance reports,
  3. carry out any other task as assigned by the CMC.

Responsible for controlled documents: OD-4001, OD-4001-SR-EU, OD-G-4001, OD-G-4001-SR-EU, OD-4002, OD-G-4002, OD-4003, OD-4003-SR-EU, OD-4004, OD-4005, OD-4005, OD-4006, OD-4011AD-001, AD-006, AD-G-006


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