Terms of reference

As defined in IEC CA 01:2023 and IECEE 01-S:2024:

7.6 The MC provides a report on its activities at least annually to the CAB and submits proposals for approval by the CAB with regard to:

  • modifications to the Basic Rules of CA Systems (IEC CA 01);
  • the appointment of Officers of the MC;
  • establishment of a new Committee;
  • the budget and annual financial accounts of the CA System;
  • business plans of the CA System;
  • proposals for extensions to the Scope of the CA System; and
  • proposals for the use of normative documents other than IEC or ISO International Standards.
  • Addition as per IECEE 01-S: the policy of the IECEE

7.7 The MC shall decide on:

  • questions related to membership of the IEC CA System;
  • dues and other sources of income to be paid by Member Bodies or recipients/providers of services;
  • proposed budget and financial accounts of the IEC CA System for approval by the CAB;
  • surcharges and the conditions under which they may be levied;
  • the Rules of Procedure for the operation of the specific IEC CA System and its Schemes;
  • other questions regarding the Rules of Procedure mentioned in e) above;
  • acceptance of Member Bodies of the IEC CA System;
  • acceptance, rejection and suspension of Conformity Assessment Bodies, e.g., CBs and TLs;
  • the process of appointment of assessors
  • assessors' fees; and
  • the layout and content of Certificates and Reports used within the IEC CA System.

7.8 The MC shall, moreover, have the following duties:

  • to manage the IEC CA System in accordance with the Basic Rules and Rules of Procedure of the IEC CA System;
  • to monitor the continuing compliance of IEC CA System’s Conformity Assessment Bodies with the Rules of the CA System;
  • to monitor any reported misuse of the IEC logos, marks and certificates that may give rise to an adverse impact on the IEC brand or name and to report it to the CAB annually;
  • to monitor acceptance of IEC CA Certificates and Reports in participating countries;
  • to promote the IEC CA System;
  • to submit an annual report on its activities to the CAB; and
  • to carry out any other tasks relevant to the object of the IEC CA System, given to it by the CAB.

7.9 The MC may establish Working Groups with clearly defined terms of reference, to advise it on matters related to the operation of the IEC CA System or to enhance the efficiency of its operation.

7.101 The MC shall also decide on

  • Appointments of Co-Chairs, Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary of committees as IEC CA 01, Cl. 9.1. and Members of PSC, BOA, and PAC
  • Appointments of Convenor and Members of the Working Groups (acceptance of convenors may be delegated to the IECEE Chair and Executive Secretary, and  acceptance of members may be delegated to the Executive Secretary and the appointed Convenors)
  • Approval of recommendations from committees and working groups,
  • Standards to be applied in each IECEE Category
  • Ratification of IEC CA 01 and proposals to CAB for revision of IEC CA 01 and IECEE 01-S.


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