Electrical Energy Efficiency (E3)

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Electrical Energy Efficiency (E3)

Electrical Energy Efficiency (E3)

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Energy generation based on fossil fuels together with a growing mistrust of nuclear power as a safe and clean alternative, have resulted in unfavourable conditions for maintaining the sufficient and consistent energy supplies of the past. These changes, which have been experienced globally, have led to an increased awareness of the importance of Energy Efficiency and energy efficient products.


As a part of this shift, a new market is expanding rapidly, based on electrical/ electronic and ICT technologies. Countries around the world are introducing new policies and regulations to optimize energy usage.


Part of the solution is to improve the efficiency of individual equipment, thereby stimulating development of technologies.


Today it is very important to create efficient products. IECEE, the IEC System of Conformity Assessment Schemes for Electrotechnical Equipment and Components, operates the Electrical Energy Efficiency (E3) programme to support industry efforts to develop energy efficient products. Through the E3 programme, IECEE aims to facilitate cross-border mutual recognition of conformity assessment in the field of Energy Efficiency. It also hopes to satisfy businesses, government and consumer needs.

IECEE E3 programme

IECEE E3 programme is a globally standardized approach to test and verify Energy Efficiency for electrical/electronic equipment, based on IEC International Standards.


It aims to prevent duplication of testing, reduce costs and support global trade in a timely manner. IECEE E3 programme will provide proof of compliance to IEC International Standards in the field of Energy Efficiency in general and more particularly in:

  • Energy performance
  • Energy consumption
  • Level of noise emission

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Electrical Energy Efficiency (E3)

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