CB-FCS Scheme

The IECEE Full Certification Scheme (IECEE CB-FCS) is a comprehensive international certification scheme for electrical products. It is an extension of the international IECEE CB Scheme and is an option to be exercised by the participants in the CB Scheme and by applicants under the same IECEE management structure.

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The IECEE CB-FCS: Full Certification Scheme

The IECEE CB-FCS: Full Certification Scheme

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Main differences from the
basic CB Scheme

In the IECEE CB-FCS, initial and/or periodic surveillance of production is performed. It includes audit of manufacturer’s quality system and factory surveillance/inspection visits.

Conformity Assessment Certificates with Conformity Assessment Reports

Operation of the IECEE CB-FCS is based on mutual recognition of Conformity Assessment Certificates (CACs) with associated Conformity Assessment Reports (CARs), among all the certification bodies (CBs) who have signed the CB-FCS Multilateral Agreement (MLA).


The CACs with CARs may also be used for direct acceptance in the market place.


In addition to type testing resulting in the issuance of CACs and associated CARs, signatories to the CB-FCS MLA, while operating as recognizing certification bodies, agree to:

  • accept reports from factory surveillance/inspection carried out by other signatories according to agreed terms
  • accept components integrated in appliances and which have been tested/verified/inspected by the other signatories
  • not request product samples for testing/identification in normal cases

Significant benefits to the manufacturer

Manufacturers benefit from using the IECEE CB-FCS: it reduces the number of steps to obtain certification or approval provided by signatories at national level, or by direct market acceptance.


CB-FCS provides the evidence that each certified product offers the same quality/safety level as the type-tested sample. It is accepted among all the participating certification bodies and countries, and speeds up the certification/approval process at national level by avoiding duplicate testing, sampling and factory surveillance/inspection.


Companies may benefit significantly from the IECEE CB-FCS if they:

  • have one or several manufacturing locations
  • want to export their products globally or to several countries
  • have a documented quality management system at their manufacturing locations
  • need/would like to launch new products simultaneously in several countries


Harmonized procedures

The IECEE CB-FCS rules of procedure and operational documents, including factory surveillance/inspection procedures and guidance, are publically available on the IECEE website.


All the documents and forms used, as well as qualification requirements for factory inspectors are harmonized between members. This means the general idea of one test, one factory surveillance/inspection and one certificate recognized by all participants can be achieved without the need for further tests and multiple factory visits.


Benefit of Factory Surveillance/Inspection only

The IECEE Factory Surveillance/Inspection Service can also be performed as a stand-alone service, unrelated to the IECEE CB-FCS.


In this case, it provides manufacturers with a Factory Surveillance/Inspection Report. Manufacturers may be asked to provide such a report as a part of the documentation necessary for entering certain markets.


Whether it is part of the CB FCS or a stand-alone service, the process has numerous benefits. It provides considerable cost reduction by eliminating the need for multiple testing and factory surveillance/inspections in many different markets. It reinforces the confidence in the safety of a specific product, reduces obstacles to international trade and helps manufacturers retain a competitive edge.

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