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IECEE. Taking Conformity Assessment Further


Full Certification Scheme

The IECEE Factory Surveillance Service (FSS)

One factory surveillance/inspection report accepted worldwide

The IECEE Hazardous Substances Testing Service (HSTS)

IECEE PV Certification: The sure way to safety, quality and performance

IECEE Global Motor Energy Efficiency Programme

Batteries, chargers and charging stations

Batteries are used in millions of devices. This brochure explains the IECEE Conformity Assessment Scheme for testing and certification for safety and performance for batteries, chargers and charging stations.

Electrical Energy Efficiency (E3)

There is a greater global awareness to optimize energy use. This brochure looks at the IECEE E3 programme for testing and verifying Energy Efficiency for electrical/electronic equipment, based on IEC International Standards.