IECEE Committee for Factory Surveillance (CFS)


photo 2009 FIC

Photo taken at the FIC Meeting October 26-27, 2009 in Munich, Germany






The Committe for Factory Surveillance (CFS) shall deal with:

- The development of harmonised Factory Surveillance Procedures and associated

- Reaching a common understanding and uniform factory surveillance
techniques for the purpose of mutual acceptance of Factory Surveillance Reports

- Any other task as assigned by the CMC.


The Chairman and the Secretary of the CFS are appointed by the CMC on
nomination by the CFS.


The term of office of the Chairman and the Secretary of the CFS is three
years. They are immediately eligible twice for re-appointment in the same office,
each time for a further period of three years.


Participants in meetings of the CFS shall be appointed by the NCBs and shall be
composed of experts in Factory Surveillance.




From 2011-07-01, CFS documents are available from Collaboration Tools.
To get access codes, please contact CFS Chairman or Secretary.